iPhone 3G and HTD same price!?  

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iPhone 3GIt seem like both HTC Touch Diamond and new iPhone 3G have almost the same price on out-of-contact plan. (PAYG) Hmm... i prefer iPhone if the official price is worth, plus be able to unlocked so therefore let's get it :-P

iPhone 3G finally show up  

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Wow! Apple iPhone 3G has been officially announced today. There is an exciting day coming soon – July 11; available for sale with stunningly price at maximum of USD199 (8GB). Yeah… say goodbye to unTouched HTC :-P

HTC Touch Pro  

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HTC Touch Pro, new one again !?
The new version and the previous one are both having the same Touch interface anyway and also including additional function for the keyboard....hmm...interesting.
Okay, let them keep release new model soon, so im not gonna buy this brand anymore coz why i have to buy sth getting out-of-date so fast

Unbelievable Swiss Trip  

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6 days trip in Switzerland! Almost everywhere!
I finally public this post... ^^
Geneva, Lausanne - Montreux - Chillon, Interlaken - Grindelwald - Jungfrajoch - Lauterbrunnen - Murren - Grimmelwald - Stechelberg, Bern, St. Gallen, Luzern, Zurich

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HTC TD Pricing  

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HTC Touch Diamond HTC Touch Diamond pricing in TW, whilst no word from UK operators.

More link: PChome

The Love of Siam Ost  

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Album : The Love of Siam OST

Song list
1. "Gun lae gun" ("กันและกัน")
2. "Ticket (Day Trip)"
3. "Roo suek barng mhai" ("รู้สึกบ้างไหม") (Live)
4. "Pieng ter" ("เพียงเธอ")
5. "Gun lae gun" ("กันและกัน") (Acoustic version)
6. "Kuen aun pen niran" ("คืนอันเป็นนิรันดร์")
7. "Gun lae gun" ("กันและกัน") (Live)
8. "Roo suek barng mhai" ("รู้สึกบ้างไหม ") (Original Mix)
9. "Pieng ter" ("เพียงเธอ") (Demo)
10. "Ticket (Night Trip)" (Bonus Track) – Instrumental

The Love of Siam

August Band - Thanx  

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Artist : August Band
Album : August Thanx

Song list
1. Yung yoo nai jai : ยังอยู่ในใจ
2. Kob khun kun lae kun : ขอบคุณกันและกัน
3. Khon tummada : คนธรรมดา
4. Ticket Night trip rmx
5. Kob khun kun lae kun : ขอบคุณกันและกัน (Demo)
6. Silent Night
7. Yung yoo nai jai : ยังอยู่ในใจ (Instrumental)

August Band