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I am in UK now.
>> There are so many climates within one day; sunny, cloudy, rain, snow, hot, etc. However, people here are not often bringing any umbrella, maybe just some hat.
>> First week of Master course is just like dropped a big bomb on me. It’s suppose to be a briefly introduction or guiding the course's direction that students will go through, in fact, assignments and works are all given! Of course, it’s come up with some sort of research and meeting the client as part of the module prerequisites.
>> For the food, I couldn't survive without China town which I can find many of Asia foods there. Cooking skill is also important and highly recommended to have it in advance, luckily, I realized that I am better than other cookers even I have no idea about any special recipes, thanks to Mama, LOL.
>> Talking about IT, I must, the internet's speed is not too slow here but surely faster than Thailand. Technically, I know that they will keep recording on my website history which I must always aware and find out how to keep away from that. P2P is also not allowed in my accommodation which I can not accept. Once again, I got the solution in my mine about some trickery in order to break out those protections.

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