Work Overload  

Posted by Toto

Work Overload is indicated in the situation that you are being almost crazy. erkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

I don’t have a proper rest in last few weeks ago till now. Why? I don’t know… always doing something like meeting, party, shopping, working and blabla.

I got a very bad experience in the presentation today. For those who involved with my team pls don’t be upset if u have read through this coz it’s true! I never got such a terrible team work like this in my life. Oh jesus, what da extremely lack of present skills. I can’t believe this could happen in Master Level. At least, I have released my anger. lol

Since the time was changed to be one hour faster according to summer period in UK, my life is also changed too coz it seem having more free time until getting dark at 9pm -_-‘ so that’s why I feel very busy these day. Ok… enough for today and I will post the photo about my Swiss trip next time!

goodluck everybody

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