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Posted by Toto

iPhone 3GAs im quite busy recently and nearly forgot this just kidding. Actually i want to post coz so MANY things were happened... let's get start with my new iPhone 3G first (aka. iPhone 2nd G) ...hehehe
[Case in UK: insurance]
It's a very advancing plus cutting edge in term of technology convergence with execellent quality features and mobility hardware in this era. Wat a long compliment isn't it. So it looks elegance as its design. hmmm it is, really. More about it... i also have purchased insurance to protect it and in case of any lost or damaged. Two weeks later, i got the letter from the store inform me that they will refund in full amount of wat i ve paid. yes, they rejected my application with no reason by quoted Norwich Union insurance policy that making decision whether who should or not. Religion might be the case - Thai, why?, in my experience, my friends also have the same circumstance. This maybe most of TH ppl do often in 'tend to be lost', so they could get a new one! ... hmm however, might be another reason though.

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